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Here are the download links for the Tracks/Focus songs: 21/7 Tour Tempo Tracks /Focus Songs · 24/8 Tour Tempo Tracks/Focus Songs · 27/9 Tour Tempo. The Tour Tempo Tracks are an easy way to integrate Tour Tempo into your daily routine. One of the best ways to use the Tracks is to listen to them while driving to the course before a round of golf. The Focus Tracks are revolutionary relaxation songs that contain the Tones of Tour Tempo. 12 Nov - 2 min - Uploaded by BenHogansSwing Here is my test of the "Tour Tempo" audios that John Novosel created. In this video I show all.

22 May - 13 sec - Uploaded by BE BETTER GOLF Working on my tour Tempo tones at , which is very fast for me, I think I might start at.

An additional benefit of the Tour Tempo tones (and perhaps a large reason why they're so helpful), is that they remove all your swing thoughts.

Tour Tempo - Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments .

The magic ratio on full swings turned out to be three parts backswing to one part downswing. Tones are provided for each of the following frame ratios of Tour Tempo - 18/6, 21/7, 24/8 & 27/9. The Tour Tempo Tones have a clear purpose. They establish the intrinsic tempo of the golf swing in your subconscious mind.

I had heard a lot about Tour Tempo and decided to read the book. I was really The next day I decided to try the short game tones. I am very.

Used by beginners through Major Championship winners on the PGA Tour, and validated by an Independent Scientific Study by the Departments of Physics and . Tour Tempo is simply a series of tones that you match your swing to. When you hear the first tone, start your backswing. When you hear the second tone, start your downswing. The third tone should naturally line up with impact. From the author of the book Tour Tempo comes a mobile app called Tour Long Game Tones; Short Game Tones; Tracks/Focus Songs.

The Tour Tempo Micro Player will help you finally master the fine art of consistent . The Tour Tempo Micro Player gives you 4 choices for long game tones. Tour Tempo 2: The Short Game & Beyond [John Novosel, John Garrity, John Novosel Jr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tiger Woods. It is the most convenient way to use the famous Tour Tempo Tones. The Tones are spaced at a 3-to-1 ratio of elapsed time for backswing to downswing.

TOUR TEMPO LONG GAME TONES The Tones will teach you how to swing with the tempo ratio exhibited by the Tour Pros. We measured the.

Many golfers have no idea how to practice their swing tempo effectively. Working with the Tour Tempo tones alone can be great, or even a product like The. Backswing and forward swing lengths vary greatly among tour pros. . I found a place on the internet that had all the Tour Tempo tones and. Tour Tempo Android Application Each “tempo” is defined by a repeating series of 3 tones, one of . 2. Tour Drivers vs Game Improvement.

Cd-discs with Tour Tempo tracks that improves your tempo, relaxation and focus!.

Before practicing the Tour Tempo method, my swing was 39/11, which . The other thing I loved is that the Timing Tones included on the CD.

After going to through swing changes I slowed everything down a bit. Sometime afterwards I noticed I lost some distance. I went back to my Tour Tempo tones.

It is based on the book, Tour Tempo by John Novesel. The Tour Tempo Player contains the Tour Tempo Swing Tones of 21/7, 24/8, 27/9, and the new Tone of.

“I keep the Tour Tempo tones in my bag and use them to make sure my tempo is solid all day long.” - Jason Eslinger, Leading Money Winner on the Long.

I saw this app for your swing tempo based off John Novosel books .tourtempo. com/golf-training-aids/golf-swing-tempo/tour-tempo-apps/ You get more than just the tones (metronome, if you will), there's also focus tracks.

Tour Tempo 2: The Short Game & Beyond claims it's going to help you You can purchase the short game tones to practice a tempo, and that's what I. - Buy Tour Tempo: Golf's Last Secret Finally Revealed book online So Novosel recorded tones in that ratio (a CD of sounds accompanies his book). by Tour Tempo (13) iOS Universal Updated 2 years ago your tempo to that of the PGA Tour Pros with the internationally acclaimed Tour Tempo Tones is a way .

Through a video recording your ideal individual swing tempo will be determined. On the basis of simple tones, the tempo best suitable for you, will be repeated.

Contains the famous Tour Tempo Tones from the book; Also contains the newly discovered Tones for short game; Instructional DVD; Special Edition of the highly .

Tones to improve your golf game!" --John Novosel. hours a week of using the handy Tour Tempo Player and the results are in. How do scores of 81, 78, "Tour Tempo" Microplayer Swing Trainer by John Novosel. Tour Tempo Micro Player is a wireless earpiece that produces specific tones that promote rhythm. And now the Micro Player includes four new Tour Tempo Tones for the Short Game. These have been proven to help golfers with every aspect of the short game.

MSL Pointer Review: The discovery of Tour Tempo theory proved what Golf for .. Our experiences hitting balls with the Tour Tempo tones, although not so.

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