Gemplus Gemsafe Card Csp

On June 2, Axalto combined with Gemplus to form Gemalto, a leader in digital security. The Gemplus website has been shut down and replaced by the. Configure or Modify SecureLogin Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider ( CSP) and PKCS11 Value: Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v This guide walks you through setting up a smart card reader, setting Gemplus GemSAFE, , oval, Gemplus GemaSAFE Card CSP v

If so, can you send me Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP? Another simptoms is that I can't register my card by Gemplus SmartDiag v, because I.

Configure or Modify SecureLogin Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider ( CSP) and PKCS11 Value: Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v Download the Offer. EJBCA with GemSAFE Toolbox Part2 Sign and Encrypt Email. . Under “Options ”, choose “Provider” as “Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP ”. Click “OK”. Manufacturer Model Gemplus GemSAFE 4k. Gemplus GemSAFE 8k Problem now is that GEMPLUS is not appearing in the CSP list at all.

Using a PKI Smart Card as a CSP Provider the vendor specific CSP, for example the Gemplus GemSafe card would use "Gemplus GemSAFE. Smart Card Registration Entry: GXPPro-R3.x FIPS Icon: OK/None Crypto Provider : Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP ATR: 3B 6B 00 00 80 65 B0 83 00 00 00 83 Ensure that the GemPlus GemSafe. Card CSP is selected; otherwise the certificate will not be saved to the smart card. Please be aware that.

Your existing DECS smart card/certificate and PIN. Ensure that the GemPlus GemSafe Card CSP is selected; otherwise the certificate will not. Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP or later. For additional providers, consult the Novell Partner Product Guide. These products enable users to digitally sign. Hi all, I'm trying to access a private key (X certificate) stored in a smartcard ( Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP), but i always get the same error.

The CSP's available on my machine (i checked it in the windows registry) are: 1. Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v 2. Infineon SICRYPT Base Smart Card.

Solutions based on smart cards offer physical and logical portability, (), Gemplus: Gemsafe products: Gemxpresso pkcs#11 documentation xpresso/ ( ).

This list contains a match between an ATR and a card type. Read our article . 3B 27 00 80 65 A2 00 01 01 37, Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v 3B 27 00 80 .

Here you'll find software for smard cards and smart card reader, Smart Card The Gemsafe Libraries contains the newest Gemplus CSP and PKCS#11, which .

Files\\Schlumberger\\Smart Cards and Terminals\\Common Files\\ . Cryptographic Service Provider Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v

GemSafe, Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v Sicrypt, Infineon SICRYPT Base Smart Card CSP. Base, Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider v BaseDssDh .

"SigInFile"=dword [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \Cryptography\Defaults\Provider\Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v] "Image. Smart cards are a smart way to improve network security . issue the certificate, and the CSP that you want to write the certificate to the smart card. smart card readers from two vendors: Gemplus's GemSAFE and Schlumberger's Cryptoflex. Smart card readers are USB devices, so the only thing you have to do is plug . By default, if you have Smartcard driver (CSP, etc not reader driver) then . available is “Gemplus USB SmartCard Reader” and it will not attach.

GemSAFE cards made by Gemplus; Cryptoflex cards made by vendor has developed cryptographic service provider (CSP) code using the. hresult, card = SCardListCards(xt, dmyATR, []). Equal( hresult, 0) . 'GemSAFE': [0, 'Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v'],. ' Schlumberger. Only enable the Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP v 6. In the table that follows, define the settings on the Issuance Requirements tab to meet the design.

If, for example, you have a Gemplus smart card reader installed, you may choose Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP. Please note that this option is not appropriate.

i have a problem, i don't know how to get access to the functions of a CSP SCardGetCardTypeProviderName (in my case it's "Gemplus GemSAFE Card CSP").

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