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Forgotten your password or username? Sign up. Quick Links. Your Log · Rankings · Logbook Blog · Affiliation Standings · Login. Help. FAQs · Forum · Pace. The Concept2 Online Logbook allows you to record your workouts on the Concept2 indoor rower, SkiErg and BikeErg. You can keep track of your total meters. Rules and Regulations. Ranking pieces can be done on any model Concept2 Indoor Rower, Concept2 SkiErg or Concept2 BikeErg. All ranking pieces must be .

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There have been a few changes to the Concept2 Online Logbook recently. We've added Garmin Connect to our list of integrations. This means. Last year we introduced the ability to connect your Concept2 Online Logbook account to other training platforms. This means that if you use our. Logbook · Forum · Contact · Shop → Store distance); Video; Witnessed at public club or by Concept2 official; Historical record acknowledged by Concept2.

Support; Dynamic · Model E · Model D · Model C · SkiErg · Oars · Monitors · Concept2 Utility. General; Blog · Online Logbook · Online Rankings · Concept2. And I'm also able to sync these data to the Concept2 Logbook or the Concept2 ErgData iPhone app. But then I'm stuck. I do not see a way to. Previously an issue with the concept 2 ergo was that although it was very easy to upload the data to their logbook (either using the C2 logbook.

Their performances are ranked in real time on the Concept2 website. The total number of meters logged in. Once connected, ErgData provides additional statistics, stores and displays your workout results, and uploads your workouts to the Concept2 Online Logbook. Concept2 Logbook has members. A group of like minded people who train hard to achieve the same goal on the Concept2 rowing machine. We also have.

15 Jun - 1 min - Uploaded by concept2usa ErgData is the free iOS and Android app from Concept2 that connects to your Concept2 PM3.

On the C2 website ( ok-ranking) there's an illustration of the online logbook that includes a graph.

Use the free Concept2 online logbook and ranking tools to take your indoor rowing workouts to the next level by tracking your progress and joining racing. Have you signed up for the Concept 2 Online Logbook yet? It's an online logbook designed to keep track of all of your indoor rowing workouts. That means, the Concept2 logbook is not a sufficient training logbook for us. At the same time, the Concept2 logbook is used in rankings, for challenges, and.

Short post on this useful update, once you grant access on your logbook profile page (see the blog post for details) all workouts to the Logbook.

Race 1, meters on the Concept2 SkiErg November , Individuals should enter their time in their Concept2 Online Logbook by.

Last year we introduced the ability to connect your Concept2 Online Logbook account to other training platforms. This means that if you use our free smartphone.

At the same time, the Concept2 logbook is used in rankings, for challenges, and more. Many of us will want to log all our rowing on the Concept2 logbook.

Date. Workout: Results. Time. Distance Cumulative and Comments. Distance. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. WEEKLY. Upload the selected row to your Concept2 Online Personal Logbook. Analyze. This prepares a Performance Report that compares your performance in two. i'm using an ant+ hr sensor with my PM5 and I can see my HR track on in the Concept2 logbook but in the Fitbit log, no heart rate data, just the.

You can also upload your workout data to your Online Logbook. The Venue Race Application allows you to link two or more indoor rowers or SkiErgs with.

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You will then need to upload your workouts via the ErgData app to the Concept 2 Logbook - Once they are uploaded.

ErgData however can only upload your workout to the Concept2 logbook (http:// ). So to get your row to Strava from there you.

Training sessions performed while running the software can automatically be uploaded to your Concept2 logbook. A database of sessions you have created is at. BoatCoach is the #1 Android app for rowing and Concept2 ergometer training. Graphs, maps, logbook, programmable workouts. Stroke rate, pace, watts, speed. My unofficial interface to the Concept 2 Online Logbook is ready. This allows one to programmatically get information from the logbook (such as.

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