The Cast Of Vanderpump Rules Might Slowly Be Coming Around To Tom Sandoval, But Fans Online Aren’t As Forgiving

Tom Sandoval on Vanderpump Rules
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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules is in full swing on the 2024 TV schedule, and it continues to follow the aftermath of Tom Sandoval cheating on his longtime partner Ariana Madix. Unlike the Season 10 finale where tensions were through the roof, things have calmed down a bit as the cast has either sided with Ariana or Tom. Unfortunately, alliances amongst this friend group never last, and this week’s episode was proof of that. Thankfully, the fans are sticking by Madix’s side, despite the mixed feelings they had at the start of the season.

Last week, Lisa Vanderpump met with Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, and Scheana Shay to discuss their treatment of Sandoval as of late. The restauranteur detailed her worries over Sandoval’s mental health and implored them to be kinder to him. While the ladies weren’t so quick to buy into Lisa Vanderpump’s words, they did agree to go to Lake Tahoe with him, setting the scene for this week’s episode. 

This week’s episode was largely set up for next week, but the foundation is being laid for the gang, minus Madix and Katie Maloney who sat this vacation out, to forgive Sandoval for some of his wrongdoings. It’s bad enough that this episode featured Scheana and her husband seemingly being cordial with Sandoval, but a teaser for next week implicates her even further, showing her FaceTiming with Madix to tell her that she “can’t keep being angry for her.” 

Joining in on the apparent Sandoval forgiveness train is James Kennedy, who agreed to set their differences aside for the sake of the vacation. Despite early fan fears that Lala Kent would be the new villain of the season, it seems that she’s redeemed herself slightly because she rolled her eyes at the TV personality’s ability to blame all of them for what he’s gone through in the last year instead of taking a look in the mirror. 

While several Vanderpump Rules cast members might be starting to come around to Sandoval and his slew of lies, diehard fans aren’t so quick to forgive. In fact, many are sick and tired of him and want him removed from the show. 

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Unfortunately, the likelihood of him being removed is slim to none. After all, Jax Taylor managed to stay on the show for years despite his deplorable antics. So, it’s safe to say we’re all going to be stuck rolling our eyes whenever Sandoval is on screen, including this fan:

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Here’s the thing, fans might have been able to forgive him had he shown an ounce of remorse or regret in the months since the ‘Scandoval” news broke. Even an actual apology would suffice instead of the fake ones he's been giving. However, he’s doubled down every chance he’s gotten, leaving many fans, like this one, with no choice but to cast him aside as a lost cause. 

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Besides, it’s not the cheating and months of lying that fans have a problem with. It’s the added fact that for the entirety of Season 10, he weaponized Madix’s mental health against her in the hopes of skewing the fans’ opinions of her so when he did leave her for Raquel Leviss all would be forgiven. Now, he’s trying to blame her for his own mental health struggles. Overall, the fans aren't having it:

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There’s no doubt that the cheating scandal helped Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules break all sorts of reality TV records, but all those gains are going to be for nothing as more and more fans turn off the show because of Sandoval’s actions. Fans might not be outright saying they’re going to stop tuning in, but their tweets definitely hint at that being the case:

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The good news is that TV remotes come with a mute and fast-forward button so fans who don't want to see Sandoval don’t have to miss out on the other cast members’ storylines. To see how the drama continues to unfold, you can catch brand new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo every Wednesday at 8 PM, or the next day with a Peacock subscription

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